[ Miracles ]

Touched By a Cyberangel

I had reached a point in my life where I basically wanted to die. I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I had no friends, no one who cared about me.

I would cry myself to sleep almost every night. I remember praying, praying and praying during those long nights, "Please God, send me a friend, send me a shoulder to cry on, send me someone who cares whether I live or die."

One night I had the strangest dream. I thought it might have a message or special meaning and I wanted to find out what. I owned a book about the meaning of dreams, so I went to get it.

I remembered I had put it on a certain shelf after the last time I'd used it. But it wasn't there.

I searched in vain, tearing up my room, looking high and low. Still I couldn't find the book.

I had to find out the meaning of the dream. I went online and found a website about dreams with a discussion forum. Like others visiting the site, I posted my dream on the forum. I read the dreams posted there and soon I began to want to help others in understanding theirs.

It was while discussing one particular dream of mine on the forum that I met someone named Mark. I was angry and defensive at first when exchanging opinions, but he continued to talk with me. Before long, he started to help me. We exchanged phone numbers and began to chat on the phone.

Mark rescued me. Today he is my shoulder to cry on, he is my friend, he cares whether I live or die.

About a month after I went on the dream forum and met Mark, I discovered the book about dreams right on my bookcase where I had been looking over and over. It was exactly where I had put it some time ago and I know nobody could have moved it.

I truly believe what happened was a miracle from God. Because of that miracle, I had a dream I was driven to find meaning from. Because of that miracle, I "lost" my book but found that website, that discussion topic, and Mark.

If all this hadn't happened, I wouldn't be alive today.

Morgan S.

Modesto, CA