[ Miracles ]

Pop Goes the Miracle

I had an incredible experience the other day. It began when I went to an orientation to prepare to teach some young people creative writing.

Arriving early and sitting in the lobby for my appointment, I became quite thirsty. There was no water fountain in sight. However, I did see a soda pop vending machine nearby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the necessary coins in my purse -- not even a dollar.

A nice looking young man sat down beside me. I never meet a stranger, so I introduced myself. “Hello, my name is Minister Mary Edwards. What’s your name?”

My new friend responded, “My name is Michael.”

The conversation continued:

Mary: Michael, do you have change for a ten?

Michael: No, I’m sorry. But what do you need?

Mary: I need 75 cents for the pop machine.

Michael: Let me give it to you.

He reached into his pocket and handed me the money.

Mary: Thanks so much, Michael. God is going to give you back more than you gave me.

Grateful for my newfound friend, I took the money and headed towards the vending machine. I was happy to see that there was Vernor’s Ginger Ale inside. That’s the only pop I drink.

I put my coins in the slot, made my selection. And out pops a Vernor’s Ginger Ale, with a dollar bill wrapped around it and secured with a rubberband!

Friends, I’m so glad that I had wide-eyed witnesses nearby or I would have thought I was hallucinating!

After having this incredible experience, I walked over to my new friend, Michael, gave him the dollar bill and said, “Michael, tell the people what I said to you when you gave me 75 cents.”

He recalled aloud my words. “She told me that God was going to give me back more than I gave her!”

And God was faithful to his word.

Michael made it a point to sit close to me when we went in for the orientation!

Scripture: Daniel 10:12-13

Minister Mary Edwards

Detroit, MI