[ Miracles ]

The Perfect Stranger

I was ten years old and sitting in the back of the family car as we traveled from North Carolina to a new home. By the middle of the day, it seemed as if we had been driving forever and I was really bored. I busied myself with drawing pictures.

I do not know exactly where we were when what happened next, but I do recall the streets were not busy. When I asked my dad if he would look at what I had just drawn, he just stopped in the middle of the road and turned around to look.

All of a sudden our car flipped over and I remember screaming MOM! DAD! HELP! But they could not hear my cries because they had gone to go join our Father in heaven. I climbed out of the car to see my poor mom and dad lying dead in the street with blood all over them. Later I learned a drunk driver had hit us.

Terrified, I sat down on a big rock and cried. Then I saw a big flash of light and I heard a man's voice saying, "Camren, it is going to be all right." Sitting there with me and comforting me was someone I did not know.

I could not imagine how everything would be all right because my parents were dead.

Moments after, I heard sirens and the stranger was gone. As soon as the emergency workers arrived, I told them what I had seen and heard. One of them whispered to another that I had probably hit my head.

Ten years later, I went to put flowers on my parents' graves. In the window of an apartment I happened to pass was a picture of the stranger who had come to me right after the wreck. I went to the apartment to ask the people living there if they knew who he was.

What they told me made me run out sobbing. When they caught up with me and asked me what was wrong, I told them my story. And these people shared with me the gospel story of the man in the picture, whose name is Jesus.


Muskogee, OK