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Love Is Forever

It was 33 years ago when my father died very suddenly and unexpectedly; he was 56 years old. My parents had a wonderful marriage and loved each other very much. Needless to say, my mother was devastated when my father died and it took her a couple of years to overcome her grief.

Since that time my mother and I have had many conversations about life after death, as she was very concerned about meeting my father again after her own death. I reassured her many times that they will surely be together again, since they always loved each other so much.

In April of this year my mother passed into the spirit world. She had enjoyed a long and good life, but missed her husband a lot after becoming a widow.

About a week after her death, I went to the graveyard and sat on a bench deep in thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two beautiful birds came flying and landed on the fence just a couple of yards away from where I was sitting. They chirped and sang so loud, that I had to smile. Then I heard my mother's voice inside of my head: "You were right, we are together again!" After about half a minute the two birds flew away together as quickly as they had come.

I hope my story can give comfort and hope to those who lost their beloved spouse and are still grieving. Yes, you will meet again if you loved each other. Guaranteed!

Karin W.

Irvington, AL