[ Godsends ]

Loaves and Fishes, C. 2011

After being unemployed for nearly two months and having no income, it was difficult for me to find something to eat.

I went through my pantry and found only a few items that I could consume – a can of beans and a half bag of rice that had been sitting there for ages.

I thought, “Well, I guess if I get hungry, this will suffice.”

I remember going downstairs a day later and upon exiting my building, would you believe several grocery items were sitting on a bench? That caught my attention.

I thought, “Wow, I can use these!” But there were people around the premises, so I figured the items belonged to them and just kept on walking.

About a half hour later, I went back to see if the items were still there. I knew they would compliment the few things I had at home to eat.

What was left behind on the bench were four cans of tomato sauce and a container of my favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil – exactly what I use to cook with.

I added them to my canned beans and cooked my rice and had enough to eat for four days. What a blessing!

I know God brought them to me, because He knew I didn't have the means. I felt very fortunate that God reached out to me when I was in need.

It made my entire week blissful.

Thank you, God for your Blessings :-))))))))))))))))

When you are most in need... know that He is there for you!

Esmeralda L.

Miami, FL