[ Godsends ]

From the Grip of Depression

Depression runs throughout my mother’s family, but by the grace of God I have had only occasional problems with it. One weekend, however, a loved one lost one of my tools. By all standards, this was very insignificant. But it set me off.

By Monday, I was so depressed that I had become physically ill and was looking for a psychologist. I was unable to make an appointment, so I decided that I would go to our church. It was the night that church members called upon recent visitors to Sunday services and one of our members asked me to go with him.

We went to a home where a lady answered the door. Her husband was not at home, but she insisted that we come in. We were reluctant to enter with her home alone, but she assured us she had been expecting us. We immediately began to talk about spiritual things. Eventually we were on our knees thanking and praising the Lord, and using the name of Jesus on many occasions. By the time we had left this lady’s home, my depression had turned to joy. Jesus, the very name of Jesus.

Hu B.

Wiggins, MS