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A Mother's Worst Nightmare

On July 27, 1984, my children Thomas (age 12), Todd (age 9), Shelly (age 3) and I were getting ready for school, daycare and work. I noticed that there was something unusually wrong with Shelly. She was very wobbly when she walked. The boys went to school and I made an appointment with her pediatrician. She examined Shelly thoroughly and determined it to be vertigo, a condition that causes dizziness.

As the day went by, my daughter got progressively worse. By Saturday morning, she could not walk at all or even sit up alone without falling over. The doctor instructed us to meet her at the emergency room at the hospital, where Shelly was admitted and numerous tests were performed. Nothing was found to be abnormal.

By Sunday morning, she was completely paralyzed. Several friends and members of the church we were attending called to say they were praying for Shelly. That afternoon, her aunt, Barbara R., came to sit with us and prayed for God to heal Shelly.

A very short time after that, the neurologist came in and told me he was going to have her moved to the ICU because her condition had continued to worsen and she would need to be monitored more closely.

At that instant, a calm, hazy feeling came over the room. The doctor walked closer to the bed and put his hand on the top of Shelly’s head. “What’s this?” he said, feeling something on her scalp. He looked more closely and announced, “It’s a tick.” My daughter had tick paralysis, a life-threatening condition that is easily treatable when properly diagnosed.

Needless to say, there was rejoicing and praising in that room. We know Jesus worked through the doctor to save and heal her. After a few days, she was completely back to normal again.

Patricia L.

Raymond, MS