[ Miracles ]

From Head to Toe

This true story had happened to me 11 ½ years ago, when I was 46.

I was on a hospital bed in Melbourne, Australia. The doctor had just seen me, and she had told me that I may never be able to use my right leg again.

It had been one week since I was paralyzed from my waist down, and I couldn’t move my leg at all.

It was sometime after 10 a.m., and with tears in my eyes I prayed to the Almighty God to save me and restore movement into my leg.

Suddenly I felt an energy entering my body from the top of my head. I instantly knew that God had touched my head. It was a feeling of goodness I have never experienced in my life.

The energy entered slowly and it moved down through my body, until after some couple of minutes more it reached my toes.

Then I tried to move my right leg. It moved as I wished.

Later, after midday, a male doctor came. I told him that I had moved my right leg.

“Show me,” he said. I tried again, but I couldn’t move it. I thought that he might think that I had made it up.

But later in the evening I was able to move it again, and again. After that I regained control over it permanently.

Almighty God had answered my prayer.

Some years after that, I went to an acupuncturist who had studied acupuncture in China.

He inserted a small needle under the skin of my scalp. I told him my story, how God had touched my head and healed my leg.

This is what the acupuncturist then told me: in translation from Chinese language, the point at the crown of one’s head is called “the point of connection with Heaven.”

Peter M.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia