[ Miracles ]

Ask God First

Our daughter Bethany had been lying on the couch for all of a Saturday. She had contracted some type of virus. As the day passed, her fever grew. She didn't have any symptoms other than the fever and body aches, so we weren't overly concerned.

Our financial situation at that time was tighter than tight, bordering on desperate. We didn't have any type of medical insurance. For that reason we were reluctant to run our children to the doctor for every cold and fever. However, we loved out two daughters, dearly, and wouldn't have dreamed of taking improper care of them.

In the late afternoon, I was in the kitchen beginning preparations for dinner. After I got some things started on the stove, I checked on our daughter again. She was lying on the couch with her eyes closed. When I spoke to her, she mumbled incoherently. I roused her and asked her again how she felt. Her answer was a jumble of words that didn't make sense.

By then, my husband had joined me at her side. "She is very sick," I spoke as I stroked her forehead. Her skin felt hotter than it had all day.

Mike felt her forehead and said, "We need to get her to the doctor. We will figure out some way to pay for it."

As we made preparations to take her out to the car, a thought came to me. "Let's pray real fast, before we go."

We both knelt beside the couch and prayed. "Lord, we know that if it is your will, you can heal Bethany right now. If it isn't your will, we ask that you will provide payment to the hospital. Amen."

We stood to our feet. Just before Mike lifted her from the couch, he felt her forehead. It was completely cool. "Her fever is gone," he said.

In amazement, I touched her cool forehead. She opened her eyes and asked for a drink. Her eyes were clear and her speech was normal.

We gave her a drink and watched her closely. Within an hour, she was ready to eat. She ate dinner as if she had never been sick and was playing with her sister before the evening was over.

Sometimes, God answers in one way; sometimes, He answers in another way, but He always answers. That event reminds me when I am upset and flying around in all directions looking for the answer: Ask God first.

Sandra McG.

Chesapeake, VA