[ Miracles ]

God Cuts the Read Tape

My daughter lives across the state. She has a lot of medical problems and no health insurance or prescription coverage.

Today, she called me to say she was going to the pharmacy to pick up two needed refills of medication. I would need to call in my debit card number to the pharmacist to pay for them, as she didn't have the money. (The pharmacists at this place have agreed to do this before, as an exception to their rules.)

This time, another pharmacist was on duty. She absolutely refused to permit payment in this way. The manager was called, and she agreed with the on-duty pharmacist. Not knowing what else to do, my daughter finally left the pharmacy, very upset.

Her boyfriend went back to try again, and received the same response. Suddenly, the customer in line behind him stepped forward, called the pharmacist by name, and said, "I'll take care of this." He said he was an EMT in town, and knew she needed her medication. He refused to give his last name or address so we could reimburse him.

Her boyfriend called me, and told me the story, saying, "I don't usually say this, but all I could do was say to him, 'God bless you, sir!' -It just seemed right."

Susanne C.

Atlanta, GA