[ Miracles ]

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Some time ago I began to develop the symptoms of a bad cold. I have been particularly susceptible to colds in the past and I was not looking forward to the weeks (!) that it would take me to shake off the effects. (Medication that I have been on has prevented me from taking anything to alleviate the symptoms.)

By the evening my cold had become full-blown. My 8-year-old grandson Mitchell was sitting at the breakfast bar. Not I said to him (not expecting any response), "What about praying for your grandad?"

To my surprise, Mitchell immediately jumped up and stood on the stool so he could reach and clapped his hand on my head. I waited in anticipation. After a few seconds of silence, he said, "Granddad, I don't know the words to say."

I said, "Just ask God to do whatever you want Him to do," wondering what that might be.

He prayed something like, "Dear God, please make my granddad well," and then climbed down off the stool and sat down.

Up until this point, my nose had been 'streaming' with the cold. I realised that after the prayer I did not feel the need to blow my nose and as the evening continued I still did not need to. Then I realised also, that the bad headache I had been experiencing had gone. I felt so good in fact, that I stayed up to watch a sports program on TV which I had earlier decided to forgo because it did not finish until well after midnight. That was asking for trouble, I told myself. I'll probably regret that.

I woke up next morning feeling great. In fact I could not help feeling excited when I realised that God had indeed healed my cold in response to my grandson's prayer.

The words came to mind, several times during that day, "Out of the mouths of babes and infants thou hast ordained praise." (Psalms 8)

Harvey R.

New Zealand