[ Divine Signs ]

20/20 Foresight

I have always been close to my family, but I seem to hold a special bond with my Grandfather--likely because we share the same birthday. In the fall of 2004, I had just begun my graduate studies in education when my Grandfather suddenly fell ill. I feared the worst, but God was there.

Late one night, as I paced about my home, trying to tire myself, a voice inside began speaking: "Take Communion; take Communion..." Heeding the call, I left my top-floor bedroom and headed for the kitchen. Once there, I took a piece of bread, and poured out a small glass of grape juice. I said a prayer and partook of the elements.

As I made my way back upstairs, I felt something, perhaps a supernatural force, take hold of me, which held my entire body in place; the feeling was simply metaphysical. About a second later, I was standing at the end of the hallway in my grandparents' home.

What I saw brought me much relief. There, right before my eyes, was my Grandfather walking under his own power, and looking as healthy as ever. God had whisked me away to a future time, to show that I had no need to worry. After a brief time, no more than three seconds, He returned me to the stair on which I had been standing.

Not long after this experience, my Granddad began showing substantial improvement. It's been almost two years since, and he's still doing great!

Matt W.