[ Miracles ]

Bracing for the Worst, Praying for the Best

I'm 14 years old. I wore braces for two years and now wear a retainer. As you might know, a retainer is very hard to keep track of.

Recently I lost mine. I was worried as it would cost $200 to replace. I looked in every room of the house, asked around my school and even went through the trash to no luck.

Two weeks passed. Everyday, I prayed to God to ask him to help me find my retainer and that I'd take better care of it if I found it.

I'd basically given up by the time I made an appointment with the orthodontist to get fitted for another one. After breakfast, while walking away from the kitchen into my room, I silently asked God to help me find my retainer, and that it would be perfect timing if I found it that second.

I reached into my bathrobe pocket, and it was there! It's been a couple months, and I haven't lost it! Thank you, God.

Ginny L.