[ Godsends ]

She Put god On the Job

I had been working for about a year at a company where many of the people were unkind. Some, to be honest, were hardly God-fearing.

Part of my job was to prepare and reconcile the balance of the company’s cash deposit each day. Other employees had access to the money and on many occasions, small change would turn up missing.

The employee I had to turn in the daily deposit to was constantly on me about why it was short. She would even hassle me when the balance came out higher than it should have been.

Meanwhile, a Christian co-worker who worked upstairs was having problems with someone else at our company. We took our break together one day and were just complaining about our situations. We both said we were looking for other jobs because we were tired of the way things had been going and the people we had to deal with.

But God had another plan. He touched our hearts and by the end of break, we decided to pray for our company.

A month later, the employee that tormented me for so long quit. Not only that, I ended up with her job! And, now I even sit at a desk across from my Christian friend. We stand for God in a company that does not, and He is working through us.

Bonnie C.

Grand Bay, AL