On most days, faith, hope and chocolate can carry us through. But some times we need nothing less than a divine sign to bring us peace. Read in the following how God delivers.

Written in the sky

Despondent to the point of suicide, a man without faith turns to God for a sign that He is there and cares. read more

Weight-loss advice from God

Her diet had been going well — until they put the cornbread on her lunch plate at the deli. She took a bite… and God took exception. read more

Standing in heavenly light

A troubled teen, listening to angry rock music, finds unexpected and life-altering refuge in what she hears – and sees. read more

Joy in the mourning

Worried her father had not made peace with God before his death, a woman is handed the definitive answer in a most astonishing way. read more

Covered with His love

Being “touched by the hand of God” is an evocative metaphor for describing a singular and holy event. For this couple, it was a sight to literally behold. read more

Lifted out of the darkness

Would she meet her dear mother again in heaven one day? A troubled daughter cries out to God for reassurance. And in her darkest moment, she's shown the light. read more

Pansies from heaven

A teen feels the pressures of dating far more than her parents know. When a boy she's been seeing calls things off, what seems to be a ripple in the course of growing up soon sends the family reeling. read more

Against all odds

Despite his fragile state of mind, a man makes good on a promise to oar the supply boat for a kayak trip down the mighty Colorado River. Hitting a physical and emotional near-bottom after many grueling days, he begs God to "Give me a sign that you are even out there." read more

Righting a wrongful death

The circumstances of her dear granny's death had embittered her ordinarily sunny disposition. Hard as she tried and prayed, the anger still burned. Then came the dream. read more

Her mother’s gift lives on

Leap year comes every four years. So does a most fitting message from this woman's mother. read more

God sends a shout-out

A woman makes a donation to a World Vision project in remote India. Months later, she finds that God has blessed her right back — and with an unmistakable wink. read more

Morning at the river

Yearning to feel a strong communion with God, a woman is reminded that the more we relax and rest in faith, the stronger our connection with the divine. read more

The cricket

Through a heartwarming series of events, a sister and brother find comfort and reassurance after the recent loss of their father. read more

A hand-delivered heavenly message

After spending precious time with her dying mother, a woman receives holy comfort and hope from God -- special delivery. read more

She heard the angels sing

Her brother was the black sheep, living hard and fast. Years later, he came to her a worn, weary man. Soon grieving his death, she receives solace beyond compare. read more

Showers of blessings

“I asked God to bless me one day recently in an unexpected and joyful way,” writes a woman whose family was gearing up to move. She got a heavenly jump start. read more

A divinely timed reunion

Ten-plus years after her husband passed on, a mother tells her daughter she's asked God to take her home. Find out how auspicious her home-going day turned out to be. read more

Love is forever

Her widowed mother looked forward to when she’d be reunited with her husband. After that happened, they gave their daughter a sign. read more

A common bond

Grappling with the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and bustling to prepare for the arrival of refugees from New Orleans, a man in a grocery checkout line meets a reassuring reminder of God's transcendent grace. read more

From inside the pearly gates

After a long decline, her mother finally slipped away to heaven. From there, she made good on a dying promise to her daughter. read more

20/20 foresight

A graduate student feared the worst when he learned his Grandfather had suddenly fallen ill. God, however, had a different scenario in mind--and the young man got a preview. read more

Out of grief, peace flowered

A woman and her family mourn the tragic death of her nephew. Yet even as they grieve, comfort arrives in a uniquely beautiful form. read more

Special delivery

As this story about a special prayer shows, there are blessings to be had and lessons to be learned in being awake to God’s messages. read more

Grandmother's Bible

Paging through the Bibles that once belonged to her Grandmother, Martha W. finds a lifetime of personal and spiritual insights into the woman she loved -- and only thought she knew. read more

Home is where the heart is

Although a woman discovers the hard way that it's true you can't go home again, she's also shown the deepest meaning of the word. read more

Love, Dad

"My Dad had always protected and loved me so much," writes Martha S. Little did she know he'd be doing so even on the day of his funeral. read more

Out-blessing the monster

A woman who's battled Multiple Sclerosis for more than 25 years writes a letter of encouragement to a young mother just diagnosed with the same disease. read more

It was all in the name

Long after having her own children, a woman decides to look for her birth mother and finds a touching reminder of God's hand in her destiny. read more

Heart to heart

A grieving man looks for a way to connect with his son in heaven, who had died in accident as a young man. What he sees puts everything in a whole new light. read more

Wednesdays with Aunt Clara

She'd shared many life lessons over her ninety years, but Aunt Clara's sight and memory were dimming. No matter: God kept her gift for imparting wisdom burning bright. read more

Balm after the storm

A woman finds inspiration in the debris of Hurricane Katrina and a new perspective on the unobserved gifts from God that surround us. read more

From sis, with love

In a dream, a grieving woman speaks with her sister, who had recently died, and is reminded of what matters most. read more

She put God on the job

In a workplace where kindness and scruples were in short supply, a woman's job was getting the best of her. Then she and a colleague prayed - and the tables turned. read more