[ Godsends ]

Heaven-Sent Chaperones

My 18-year-old daughter was traveling home by plane from college in Illinois for the holidays. I was a nervous wreck because it was her first time traveling alone.

I gave her some advice, "If any creepy men bother you, find a mom with baby and stick close to her." My daughter thought this advice was silly, of course.

Meanwhile, I worried and prayed about her trip for days beforehand.

The morning her plane was to leave, she called me from the airport. "I'm ready to board the plane," she said, "and you'll never guess who's on the flight with me."

It was a married couple from our church who had moved to Pennsylvania several months earlier. With them was their young son, a three-old who everyone at church called Baby Rickie.

I have no idea why they were in an airport in Illinois on that particular day and that particular flight, but I have to admit, God showed some humor in answering my prayers.

Millie T-K.

Lake Forest Park, WA