[ Miracles ]

Handled With Utmost Care

On December 15th, 2004, my wife and were in a horrific motor vehicle accident. According to a paramedic, we should have been seriously injured if not killed after our van left the highway at 110 kilometers per hour (68 mph), hit a steel highway marker, screeched across two lanes, careened down an incline, rolled once if not twice and smashed into a rock face.

After our van came to rest, I asked my wife if she was okay. Shortly after a passer-by came along to render assistance and I handed him our cell phone and asked him to call 911.

I moved around in my seat to see if there was anything broken. Other than a little discomfort in my back and a little cut on my nose from spraying glass, I felt okay.

I got out and was amazed to see that the windshield was shattered as were the rear and four side windows. Three of the four tires had blown, headlamps and taillights were smashed out and both airbags had deployed. The van's frame was twisted and dented beyond repair. The damage to our vehicle was so substantial, it was later written off by our insurance company.

In no time at all, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fire department and ambulances showed up. The put us on spine boards and sped us to the nearest hospital, where they took x-rays and gave us tetanus shots. The x-rays came back negative, meaning no broken bones!

By the grace and mercy of God, we survived this horrendous experience with no internal injuries to vital organs, no broken bones and no cuts that needed stitches!

That we survived what happened, and furthermore emerged unscathed, is a real miracle.

Consider how perfectly God’s hand moved: Firstly, if we had traveled another 10 seconds on the road, we could have ended up not just on an incline, but rolled into a steep ravine.

Secondly, the front end of the van should have been completely crushed in like an accordion since, when traveling at just 60 kilometers per hour, the impact is the same as if the van had fallen from the top of a four-story building. But our front end was almost intact.

Nor had I even felt the impact -- it was as if we had just pulled over and stopped!

Thirdly, we escaped with no serious injuries and didn't even lose consciousness!

We believe that the Lord spared our lives in order to bring glory to Him, encourage fellow believers in their walk with Him and to be a witness to others.

Blair B.

St. John, New Brunswick, Canada