[ Divine Signs ]

Showers of Blessings

I want to share how God answers prayers. I asked God to bless me one day recently in an unexpected and joyful way. Just a surprise blessing of some sort. I had read a story about someone who did that, and God answered their prayer, so I thought I would say a prayer for a blessing.

The other morning, I got an unexpected call from our realtor saying someone had made an offer to buy our home. I was so delighted, as my family is moving very soon, and we need to get things settled.

Right before I hung up with the real estate agent, my cell phone rang, and it was someone calling me about a job application I’d made and wanted to interview me.

I was blessed not once, but TWICE in the same day, and just minutes apart. Talk about awesome!

Now, God has certainly made HIS presence known to me before, but this was so delightful. These two things, selling our home and finding employment for myself, were very much on my mind. And God did indeed send special blessings to me that day.

Lois G.

Mobile, AL