[ Godsends ]

Man asks for Directions! God Obliges.

Man asks for directions! God delivers.

For several months this past spring, my wife and I were praying and seeking counsel from God on our next step professionally. There had been a number of things with my current job that indicated to us we needed to speed up our schedule of departure. My immediate next step, however, was to complete seminary, as all future job possibilities really hang on me finishing this pretty long degree.

But completing the degree meant leaving the security of a steady paycheck, pulling up roots and moving to a distant campus for as long as two years, during which time there would be little or no income for our family of five. This scenario had perhaps caused us to move a little too slowly with regard to resigning my job and taking the plunge into seminary. It seemed the logical and necessary path, but was it the right decision?

So, I was out jogging one day, normally the time when I seem to get the most consistent prayer time, and I was recalling to mind something Francis Schaeffer said when he was alive: “There are those who build God’s kingdom, and there are others through whom God builds His kingdom.” This seemingly small distinction was immeasurably helpful, as it helped me to realize that God was not dependent on me to know how to build His kingdom. Rather, my responsibility was to plan and pray and, in the end, rely upon God to direct me to the right decision. I could feel the pressure lift with this realization.

As I was running, I was talking with God about these things and asking Him to show us where He could most use us, but, at the same time, was confessing much fear and anxiety with regard to taking the steps necessary to move forward.

I returned to my car to find a voice mail from a friend of mine who is pastoring a church in a large urban setting – which is where my wife and I would like to end up. When I called him back, he essentially asked me how quickly we could move to his city and work with his church. This is potentially a perfect situation, and also means that while the months in seminary will be tough financially speaking, there may well be a wonderful job on the other side.

The details are still being ironed out, but this scenario has already proved to be the needed catalyst to show the way to a clear decision about our future. We are now headed to seminary this fall.

Brian P.

Birmingham, AL