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God Touches a Nerve

For about two months, I was getting tingling feelings from my waist all the way up the top of my head and along my arms. This would happen several times a day and last anywhere from 5 - 45 seconds.

My doctor told me to see a nerve specialist, who ordered an EMG on my entire body. There was nothing, however, on the entire test that would explain such tingling feelings.

He then ordered MRI pictures of my lower and upper back. One picture showed a small dark spot on the very edge of the picture. He then ordered an ultrasound on that area to see this dark spot more clearly.

It showed a tumor on my left kidney - about the size of a small grapefruit.

In rapid succession a CAT scan, bone scan and LASIX procedure followed the next week. The tumor was proved to be cancerous.

But, Praise the Lord, there were no signs of cancer whatsoever in any other place in my body. All of the doctors who were involved in these tests told me we caught it in time. And there should be no other problems with this cancer.

Looking back, I had no indications of any problem whatsoever within my body, except the tingling problem. Guess what? That no longer exists in my body. It stopped the very day I had the EMG test.

God got my attention to seek out a problem I did not know existed. Only He could have known of this problem. He is a great God, the One and Only God!

Surgery is planned in the very near future and I know my Lord and Savior will bring me through. He has never failed me! If he did not intend for me to receive the total healing, why would He have brought this condition to my attention in the first place? That's easy, He loved me first! Thanks be to God, He is still on the throne.

Rod W.

Parma, OH