[ Miracles ]

God Sheds Light on the Matter

For several months I'd been praying. Everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. I’d found out my husband wasn't happy in our marriage. In the middle of my family drifting apart, I spent a lot of time crying and feeling alone. I prayed and I fasted.

One day I went outside to talk to God while walking my three dogs. In that walk of desperation somehow I lost my wedding band. It must have fallen while trying to keep their leashes untangled.

That was like the last straw. It seemed like a sure sign from God that He wanted me to leave the marriage with a broken heart.

Instead of allowing my problems to get the best of me, I pleaded with God to please return my ring. If He did, I would know that He would fix my family and marriage.

I ran around before going to work trying to find the ring. I did not find it. I told my husband I lost the ring and he didn't seem to care. My daughter could see my desperation and once I returned from work she tried to help me find it. But we couldn’t find the ring.

I continued to plead with God. “God,” I prayed, “I need to know everything is going to be okay. I know this might not be fair to ask of you, but please let me find my ring.”

Another day passed and no ring. As I watched people coming and going the next day, I could not hold back my tears. Life seemed perfectly normal for them, but nothing was going right for me. I could not hide my sadness from others. Everyone who knew me knew something was wrong.

Three days after I lost the ring, while on my way home from work, I saw a glitter of light from something on the sidewalk but couldn't stop my car to see what it was. I got home and asked my daughter to please pray with me one last time. I prayed, “God, you know the meaning of marriage to me. My wedding ring signifies it. If you want me to stay and believe our marriage is going to be okay, please let my daughter find my ring. I believe that you will heal us.”

We went to the place where I had seen the glitter and there my daughter found my ring. She could not believe that no one had noticed it, as people walk there every day.

That is when I knew without a doubt that God believed in my marriage as much as I did. He has been healing my family ever since. Praise be to God. This is His miracle.

Liz V.

Raleigh, NC