[ Divine Signs ]

A Divinely-Timed Reunion

My Mother and Father were both religious. Daddy loved his Bible. After falling ill with cancer of the kidney, he passed away early in the morning on December 21, 1987 – a Monday.

In July 1998, my husband and I returned home from vacation. Mama told me in August or September that she was ready to go. She had prayed to God to take her. I really didn't think it would happen the way it did; who could have known? She got important papers together and placed them in her living room. She told only a niece and me about this.

She fell with an aneurysm of the brain on October 23, 1998. The doctor didn't expect her to live as long as she did, but when my Mother passed away, it was on December 21st – early Monday morning. Just like my Father. Same date, eleven years apart.

I believe she was granted this. I felt the power when this happened. I know Mama and Daddy are always with me. I know, I can feel it, the same as with God. If you Believe, He gets you through everything.

Mary K.

Mobile, AL