[ Miracles ]

A Pocketful of Miracles

Camp Abbey in Louisiana is one of the first places I began to believe in God and miracles. I was only ten years old, yet I remember my time there vividly. There was a drink machine that put down a cup, threw in crushed ice and finally released the nectar of the gods: orange-pineapple drink.

By the time three days of camp were left, I was broke as were most of the other campers. I would sit staring at the machine longing for that sweet, refreshing ice cold drink.

I do believe God showed mercy that hot summer day and allowed me to find a dime in the yard. I went to the machine ever so grateful.

I promise the next part happened. I put my dime in, received a drink AND dimes came spewing out of the coin return. It was then I understood how Jesus could turn water into wine, make the bread and fish multiply and hear every prayer ever uttered.

Marsha R.

Mobile, AL