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A big hint from God

A big hint from God

Expecting has become a daily occurrence for me. Rather than always focusing on something that may happen in the distant future, I eagerly watch for what God will do in my life today. Each morning I pray that God will put His hand on my head and turn me to the right or to the left as He would have me move. Every moment becomes a divine appointment; each conversation spoken with expectancy, interruptions viewed as possible opportunities. Being in tune with God’s voice has become the greatest adventure of my life. I have come to understand that life lived a moment at the time, and each one matters.

My sister has been a good example of living a life of expectancy. Watching for the invisible movements of God throughout her day keeps her senses alert and receptive to the unseen world.

Recently, God has been building her faith through changes that are taking place in her career. For five years, she has been teaching psychiatric nursing at a local university. Several months ago, God called her out of teaching, but He has yet to show her where He is leading her next. She has been patiently expecting His answer, resting in the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit’s divine guidance. Little by little, together, she and God have been walking the path of unfolding revelation. Small windows of vision have opened through the fog of uncertainty and have been an encouragement; yet, the fullness of time remains unrevealed.

As happens with most of us who have been on a journey that seems to be taking longer than we would have planned, she had a doubtful moment. She was telling her husband that she had decided to go back to her teaching job. She was tired of not working, tired of not having an income, tired of waiting on God’s will. Even it if was not what God was leading her to do, she was going to go back there.

At that moment, her cat ran behind the fireplace screen. Knowing the mess the cat could get into, she shouted, “DON’T GO BACK THERE!”

Immediately, she heard God’s words through her own voice. She looked up and replied, “All right.” It was settled. No more uncertainty. God had provided her direction she needed so she could await her next step with assurance.

Prayer: Father, Your leading and Your voice is all around us everywhere, every day. Mary heard it when You called her to be the mother of Your Son. Joseph heard it when you revealed Your will to him about protecting his anointed family. Each us the joy and peace of staying in turn with Your voice all day. You are not keeping your will a secret. We can hear… if we expect to hear.

Jo N.

Mobile, AL