[ Godsends ]

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

I was recently diagnosed with Thymoma. It is a tumor in the thymus gland. The first time I heard about it, it did not make me nervous. My doctor was calm and told me to go for a CT scan to verify his diagnosis. After the scan, my doctor called to say I needed to go see a specialist. When I did, the specialist recommended surgery to remove the tumor. That is when the seriousness of it all really hit me.

I was told I would be in the hospital for three days. I would not be able to do anything for the first two weeks after surgery, other than go to the bathroom. I would need somebody to do grocery shopping and cook for me.

I live by myself. Who would take care of me all this time? I was already worried about having to undergo surgery. Now I had worries on top of worries.

I called a good friend of mine to share what the specialist had told me. As always, my friend reassured me that he would be there, just like he was when I had undergone a previous surgery. Then I called my family -- my sister, mom, aunt and brother. We decided my brother would come to my home to help me as I recuperated.

The day before my surgery, I got a phone call from my sister saying that our brother would not be coming after all. I hung up the phone and had a panic attack. I cried in the office to the point that my coworker had to ask me to leave the office.

I began to pray for God to help me. I did not expect a lot; I just put it in the hands of the Lord to work it all out because everybody was busy.

I was amazed with the outcome of the whole thing. God showed me His face, love and presence through my family, friends, coworkers.

Before the day was over, I learned that my sister would be by my side in the hospital. I rejoiced. But what really happened is that my sister and five of my friends were there with me. Other friends went out of their way to come see me, too.

After the surgery, I went through rough times, but God pulled me through with more small miracles.

My sister took an emergency two-week leave to take care of me. She was so patient cooking for me, doing my laundry, and grocery shopping.

More friends surprised me by calling and showing up at home to help out. One of them I had not seen or heard from in a long time. Even someone I had once had a negative experience with came and brought me water and changed a light bulb -- this person even bought me breakfast.

Sometimes I would be impatient or ungrateful and God would send others to remind me to snap out of it. Such as one of my neighbors, who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As bad as her situation was, she offered her help to me. A coworker, who had only recently had surgery herself, did the same.

I continue to heal one day at a time. And God continues to provide me with people who help me when I need them the most. In every outpouring of their love, I see Him.

I am so blessed.

Mae C.

Bronx, NY