[ Godsends ]

Separation Anxiety

Some years ago, I was one of several teachers on an educational tour of seven countries in Europe with high school students from the U.S. Our tour bus stopped at the famous Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany for sight-seeing. The crowds of people and numerous tour buses from all over Europe required that everyone in our group stay close together so as not to become separated and lost.

After touring the cathedral, I told my group I needed more film for my camera and, since I knew our bus number and location, I would meet them back at the bus. I stopped at a shop outside the cathedral, purchased the film and made my way back to the bus.

I went from bus to bus to bus, each from a different location in Europe, but there was no sign of the bus I came on. Not one of the drivers spoke English; no one could help me.

As I realized I was lost, I stopped in my tracks and spoke to the Lord. Bible promises learned from childhood flooded my memory, and I began to speak them aloud. "Lord, You said You would never leave me or forsake me. When I am afraid I will trust in You. Lord, I am lost and don't know anyone in all of Germany or all of Europe. Please help me find my bus."

Just at that precise moment, I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind. I turned and look up into the face of a tall, handsome, white-haired man who said, "Lady, are you lost?" I told him my predicament and he instructed me to follow him.

We went down a series of steps to a different level where many more busses were parked and he led me right to mine. When I turned around to thank him, he had vanished!

This incident was so profound that I could not speak of it for a time, even to my husband. But I knew I had experienced my angel ministering to me in response to God's word. (Psalm 103:20) Now I share it gladly with all who need encouragement as evidence that God surely watches over His own!

Faye B.

Starkville, MS