[ Miracles ]

A Brush with Death at Mother's Day Out

One Friday morning I was getting ready to go out for the day. My three-year-old son, Jack, would be at Mom's Day Out for four hours and I was mapping out my plans as I did my hair and makeup. We were actually going to be on time it seemed; I just had to brush my teeth and we could go.

As I was leaning over the sink, I felt prompted in my spirit to pray for our safety on the road this morning. It was so strongly felt that I could not ignore it, but wondered what could happen in fifteen minutes. As I prayed, I specifically asked the Lord to protect us on the way to Mom's Day Out and help me be alert. It was a simple prayer that I finished while still brushing my teeth.

Nothing happened on our way to Mom's Day Out, and I'd already forgotten my prayer when Jack and I pulled into the parking lot of the church. This lot has a horseshoe drop-off driveway that is one way and a single-car’s width. But as I was getting out of our car, I looked up to see that behind us was a large van speeding right toward us. I had just enough time to get back in the car and almost shut the door completely before the van sped through the driveway, sideswiped my car, and exited out the front parking lot of the church.

The only damage done was to my driver’s side mirror! Had we been 10 seconds sooner pulling in, I would have been leaning into the car, getting Jack out of his car seat at the critical moment.

Equally miraculous, no one else had been in the van’s path at that time. Just as quickly as the van had come and gone, mothers and children were everywhere in the parking lot.

While my heart was racing, I remembered the prayer at my sink only a few minutes earlier. I knew the Lord had protected us. I was thankful for the chance to see His hand of protection so clearly.

God's timing is perfect!

Wendy H.

Mobile, AL