[ Divine Signs ]

Lifted Out of the Darkness

Mother was always at home. I remember when I would come home from school, there she was, cleaning, cooking, or whatever had to be done. She was always home – even on Sundays. I am sorry to say that I never questioned why she was not in church with us. All I knew was that she was there with lunch ready when we walked in the door.

Mother was very ill later in her life after Daddy died. I remember when my sister Jeanne asked her if she was saved, mother said she had accepted Christ as her savior when she was a small child. Somehow that was a comfort, so I left it there.

When mother died, this hole in my heart left questions of mother truly being with our Lord. One morning, I couldn't sleep, so I got up and was not really praying, but was crying out to the Lord that my heart was broken and that I had to know that mother was in heaven.

My morning ritual with mother had been that when I got up, if her lamp was on, she would wave to me from her bed but, if she were asleep, I would close her door. This morning, there was no light and no reason to close her door, as my mother was gone.

As I paused in her room, I asked God to let me know about her. After I had finished my prayer, I started to get up and all of a sudden, her bedside lamp came on! I couldn't believe it! God had heard my cries and answered me in a way that only He and I knew would have meaning. God is faithful; praise His Holy name!

Libba P.

Walland, TN