[ Miracles ]

Saving Grace

My husband worked construction for fifteen years. On Saturday, September 16, 1995, he was working overtime to make some extra money. He was a commercial insulator and working at a supermarket that was just being built at the time.

About an hour before he was to come home for the day, the power lift he was working on tipped over. He fell about forty feet onto a concrete floor. He was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital where they treated him and prepared him for a life-flight to a hospital in Boston, MA.

When I arrived at the first hospital that he was taken to, the doctor who was treating him came out and told me it was a miracle that my husband had no head, neck or back injuries.

He did have numerous serious injuries: broken wrist, broken leg, broken hip, dislocated knee, ruptured spleen and punctured lung. They had to remove his spleen, put a rod in his leg that goes from his hip to his knee and replace the shattered bone in his wrist with a piece of his hip bone.

They allowed me to see him for a few minutes before he was flown to Boston. He would end up spending a total of twenty days in the hospital and one year in rehabilitation.

There were more amazing events that happened that day.

I had to go to the job site to pick up our car. When I saw the lift on the ground and the area around it, I saw just how blessed my husband had been. Had his lift fallen in the opposite direction, he would have been impaled on some plumbing pipes sticking up straight out of the floor.

After getting the car, my father and I drove to the hospital in Boston. The day was sunny and dry, a beautiful weather day.

As we were driving, I happened to look up at the sky (I think I was praying that my husband would be o.k.) and in the otherwise cloudless sky I saw a large cloud. There was a hole in its center, and in the center I could see a rainbow. This rainbow did not extend above or below the cloud; it could only be seen in the center of this cloud. I had never seen just part of a rainbow. It was such an incredible sight that I asked my father if he could see what I was seeing and he said he did.

About a week or so after my husband's accident, I was at a restaurant grabbing something to eat before heading to the hospital when I saw a woman there that I knew. I told her about my husband's accident and described the unusual rainbow I had seen. She said it was a sign from the Virgin Mary letting me know that my husband would be all right.

Also at the same time of my husband's accident, his youngest brother was out riding his bike and saw something shiny in the road. He stopped and picked it up and saw that it was a round piece of glass that had a hologram with Jesus' picture on it.

I truly believe that an angel caught my husband when his lift tipped over, which is why he had no head, neck or back injuries.

My husband recovered from his accident. As he could not go back to doing construction, he went back to school to get a degree. Although to this day he walks with a slight limp, most people who see him are not aware of any disability. He is my miracle!

God is back in my life and I am so grateful for that. I thank Him every day for everything and for having His angels watch over and protect us. I now pray daily and am reading the Bible.

God Bless and Praise the Lord. Through him all things are possible.

Meg H.

Riverside, RI