[ Godsends ]

Visited By Joy

I believe God speaks through our "process". "Father, I wish you would speak to me. I need for you to let me know what you would have me do." As we are saying the words, He is speaking all around us through our everyday routines and events. His plan may be repeated and repeated in the "process" of your garden. He may speak to you through the words of the child you see with her Mother at the grocery store. Are you listening... to the "process"?

I have believed this for a long time now, yet still manage to be blind to it all too often. Much like knowing God most of your life and still not trusting who He is. Let me share my most recent "realized" process.

This past April was the busiest week at work I have had since starting a new job last July. I knew it would be so, I knew what had to be done, I had worked to prepare for it, but yet I just had to stress about it beginning as early as February! By April, there was no hope for me.

Each day called for long bouts at the computer, dozens of phone calls making arrangements and counting on other people to carry out their responsibilities with timing and precision...yeah, right! The constant interruptions of an office were all nerve wracking. The relaxation a weekend and time off should have afforded was wasted on me. I was always running over my lists and planning the next timely move in order to guarantee a successful outcome. Can you relate?

The weddings, graduations, showers, birthdays of people all around me were absolutely NOT fitting into my schedule during that month. All celebrations and joy would simply have to wait until my tasks had been completed! There was simply no time for anything but working toward my deadline.

One particularly packed day, a young woman who is a favorite of mine, Joy B., came in to visit. She needed to talk, but I needed to work. As she came in with her usual sparkle and uplifting conversation, my fingers didn't leave the keyboard. I would briefly glance at her to chat without ever stopping the work before me. After seeing that she would not be leaving quickly, I finally turned to respond to her conversation. Since I do love this young woman, I was pleased that she wanted to see me, but all the while I was thinking of the time that I didn't believe I could spare.

When Joy left my office, I knew that I had not given her what she needed that day. I felt badly that I had been so selfish with my time. And then I realized: what was life really about, if not for the precious time with friends and loved ones… the visits of… JOY?

As I continued thinking this through, I heard it as clearly as if God were physically speaking the words, "I sent JOY to your office today, and you refused it. Since you would not seek it, JOY came directly to you… and yet you still did not accept it."

Fortunately, this time the message had come through loud and clear. I understood what God wanted me to know and take to heart.

I found Joy B. the next day and apologized for my rudeness. I told her that she was God's special delivery of Joy to my life and thanked her for her willingness to be so.

I also thanked God for his guidance to be more open to life’s joy -- a gift from God.

What is your process "saying" to you? What message is God sending you? What word-picture will you find right in front of you if you will just open your eyes? Your Father is speaking, are you listening?

Dale P.

Mobile, AL