[ Divine Signs ]

Her Mother's Gift Lives On

My parents both died of cancer in 1996. My dad died in January after a horrible bout with lung cancer. My mom died a month later. It was devastating to my siblings and me.

Mom had had colon cancer in 1989. She had been clear for over six years when she became sick almost overnight and died just after midnight on February 29th, 1996. Leap year!

My mother and I shared the love of gardening and flowers. The last gift my mother gave me was a beautiful peach-colored Hibiscus plant. It was indescribably beautiful!

In the warm climate of Mobile, Hibiscus plants flourish. I planted it outside a window and it bloomed in 1996. After then, though, the plant would not bloom – no matter what I did for it. I thought, "Oh, well."

In 2000, leap year again, the plant bloomed. Huge, beautiful, and colorful blooms covered the bush. I thought that it was interesting that the plant bloomed in leap year again. I told a couple of people and we just gave it brief notice.

The plant then proceeded to not bloom again. I did everything I could to get it to bloom, but to no avail. Now, for 2004, another leap year, and what do you think happened? This plant was more beautiful than I have ever seen it to be. It was huge and was covered in blooms.

Now, there is no way to say this was coincidental. I know this was a sign or a message from God and everyone I've told about this has agreed. It has given me great comfort with the loss of both my parents.

Anne B.

Mobile, AL