[ Miracles ]

Ending on a High Note

My husband and I have a church ministry on Sunday mornings at two nursing homes. Some time ago, I began having trouble with my voice and it became increasingly difficult to lead the singing. Over the course of a year, the hoarseness I’d been experiencing became so bad I could no longer speak aloud and I had to have a substitute to fill in for me.

Upon examination by a local doctor, I was told that I had growths on my vocal cords and they would have to be removed. I was referred to a specialist in Pittsburgh and he confirmed the initial diagnosis.

Facing surgery and the added possibility of damage to my vocal cords, I immediately put my name on several prayer chains. Soon prayers on my behalf were going up all over the place.

I have always enjoyed singing and I never knew how much so until I could no longer use my voice. I promised the Lord in prayer that if He would heal me, I would never refuse to sing when I was asked to do so.

One week before my surgery -- less than two months after I was lifted up in prayers -- my voice miraculously returned.

I went back to my local doctor, who examined my throat again to find that one the growths was completely gone and the other one was diminishing.

I told my doctor I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that God had healed my throat. He seemed very skeptical at this. He did, however, allow that the specialist he’d sent me to in Pittsburgh, who was Jewish, would probably say Jehovah had healed me. I said it did not matter what he chose to call Him, because there was only one God and I gave Him the glory and praise for the healing.

I now am back to singing and talking normally. God is truly the Great Physician and His touch heals our infirmities. Praise His Holy name.

Ginny S.

Summerville, PA