[ Miracles ]

Beyond Blind Luck

It was right after midnight, April 24, 2011. My son and I had been up late for the Easter holiday. I felt lucky and decided to go to the corner store for my favorite scratch-off lottery game. I decided to walk for the exercise.

I asked my 23-year-old, special-needs son if he would like to walk with me. He said yes, but then wanted me to wait with him, as his friend was supposed to be bringing his cell phone back to him.

I told him to just stay home, and I would be right back.

I walked to the store, got the scratch-offs and was heading across the parking lot when I heard a loud noise. I looked up to see that a car had just hit someone.

In that instant, I knew that surely this person would be seriously injured or even killed from the impact I had just witnessed.

In another split second, I realized it was my son whose body was flipping in the street. He had followed behind me, even though he had been instructed to stay at home.

I expected to find him dead or mangled, but my son immediately got up and began walking!

I called 911. When the ambulance came, the EMTs were unsure who needed assistance because my son didn’t appear to have been hit by a car or hurt in any way.

When a police officer asked the driver about what speed he was going, the driver said 45 mph.

We decided to transport my son to the hospital, where they determined he had no internal bleeding, broken bones, nor any head injury.

Some would say my lucky feeling proved right, and that some very long odds were on our side. But I think what happened is that God wrapped his arms around my son that night, and it was for me to witness.

Now I'm just waiting for God to lead me. Now I know for a fact that through God I can do anything. My life is forever changed.

Stephanie McG.

Smyrna, GA