[ Divine Signs ]

It Was All In the Name

As a small child, I was told by my mother that I was a blessing from God, because I had been chosen, and would always be very special!

I had known in my heart that there was also something VERY special about her name. Her first name was "Mary Ellen", and I loved her so much. She made me feel so special as a child, but it wasn't until I had children of my own that I understood the full extent of her love to me.

Still, I always wondered why God had chosen me for her and why my birthmother had given me up. As an adult, I felt compelled to find the reason, and if there was more I should know. So I prayed for guidance.

One day the adoption papers appeared in the mail! My adoptive mother had sent them. Her love for me was so unselfish, and as I read on, I saw my birth mother’s name. Her first name was "Mary Ellen" also. What a remarkable coincidence. Or was it? I knew God must have had his hand in this.

Her last name was also given, so I knew then what I must do. I began my search by looking up everyone in my birth town with the same last name. Amazingly, the very first call I made turned out to be to her brother!

As the story goes on, we had a grand reunion. My birth mother told my adoptive mother, “Thanks for loving my daughter.” And my adoptive mother said, “Thanks for giving me the opportunity! “

I learned how much they both loved me, and that each had its own special purpose in my life, for God truly does answer prayer, and always wants the best for us.

I have now given both of my mothers back to God, and thanked him for bringing us together and teaching me the wonders of life, and the true meaning of love!

Lori L.

Beaverton, Oregon