Miracles are where holy mysteries meet Hollywood endings. Sudden and breath-taking, they're sublimely divine rescues that pull us back from the brink and into a place of grace. Here are many such stories exemplifying God's always perfect timing and choreography.

God calls off the search

She often wondered about the sister who’d been given up for adoption. But her continued searches went nowhere. Until, that is, she surrendered the outcome to God. read more

The chosen

Stranded two weeks into an airport strike, she was desperate to get home from South Africa — as were thousands of others. So she did all she could: she prayed. read more

Rooftop miracle

Just a few tweaks to the rooftop Christmas lights was all that was needed. Until, that is, he collapsed while up there and his brother found he had no pulse. read more

From head to toe

It had been one week since he was paralyzed from the waist down. With tears in his eyes, he prayed for God’s healing. read more

Beyond blind luck

The odds of what happened to her son were incalculable. The message behind it, however, was crystal clear. read more

Two of a kind

His adoptive mother, needing a kidney transplant, was desperate for a donor. Though born in El Salvador, he wasn’t fazed by the odds against a match. read more

God sheds light on the matter

Life as she knew it was going downhill – including her marriage. And when she lost her wedding band, she wondered: what was God telling her? read more

Right on the money

How perfectly does God meet our needs? Faced with a car repair bill and empty pockets, one young lady gets a memorable answer. read more

Breath of heaven

A seeming slight case of the flu became a full-blown medical emergency. Her lungs filled with fluid, awaiting a risky life-saving procedure, she prayed for healing. read more

God and beds

A woman recalls how an offhand chat with a waitress turned into a wondrous example of how God places us smack in His divine choreography. read more

Silent Night

Midair, the engine of their small plane sputtered to a dead stop. Below, commuters sped home on a highway — the highway that was about to become a landing strip. read more

Stalling for time

The Ford pickup truck ran like a top the entire eleven years they owned it. Except that one fateful day. read more

The red sweater

Her son had his heart set on wearing his favorite red sweater to school for picture day. But the sweater had gone missing and little Harley could not be consoled. read more

A death-defying act

It was a scenario straight out of a slasher movie, the stuff of dreadful nightmares. Only it was really happening to her. With no one around to help. read more

The perfect stranger

In a horrific instant, a collision left the girl an orphan. From out of nowhere, someone came to comfort the distraught youngster on the side of the road. Just who was it? read more

Standing strong in faith

A father's recurring, disturbing vision is explained with the birth of his son, whose legs were deformed. But there was more to this divine mystery. read more

Bracing for the worst, praying for the best

Her retainer was still nowhere to be found after two weeks. Would the 14-year teen ever find reason to smile about this? read more

Roadside attraction

It could've been the set-up for a TV crime show: woman driving cross-state with a small child has car trouble on a deserted stretch of highway and must wait for someone to stop and help. Soon, a man pulls over. Would he be friend or foe? read more

Back from the brink

She was so paralyzed by depression, her children were left to fend for themselves. On the night she decided to end it all, something very shocking happened. read more

Manna from heaven

Her phone bills mounting, a convent novitiate learns that breaking her connection to the outside world is hard to do — and expensive. So she prays for some creative financing. read more

Cradled in His perfect grace

A couple and their church pray over an unborn child, whom the doctor is almost certain will be born with a hole in his spine. read more

The multiplier effect of faith

Down to their last five dollars, a wife heeds God's call to place this money in their church offering plate. Her faith is rewarded beyond her dreams and strengthened beyond measure. read more

He knows our needs

Years ago, God made sure this man didn’t lose his mom to a stray bullet. Years later as he was losing hope, God came through again. read more

A Christmas miracle in Mobile

Every year the apartment complex became "Christmas Angels" for underprivileged kids. Every year the gifts were abundant. But with the 2008 deadline almost nigh, donations were as low as the economy. read more

A mother’s worst nightmare

Little Shelly S. was diagnosed with vertigo after walking with a wobble. Two days later, she was in the hospital, completely paralyzed — and doctors had no answers. read more

Pop goes the miracle

As the saying goes, "God moves in mysterious ways." And in this woman's story, the divine choreography included — of all things — a vending machine. read more

The little engine that could (with God's help)

A New Zealand family's long road trip is beleaguered by an overheating car. With tempers and engine needing a cool-down, God provides a fix no repair manual would suggest. read more

Strength in numbers

Born premature and weighing 3 pounds, William's left leg suddenly turned lost circulation and turned black. Near certain he'd lose the leg, doctors then braced his parents for an even worse outcome. read more

Sudden impact

She felt very tired that late winter's night, but not too tired make the drive home from a party. Or so she thought — until she fell asleep behind the wheel. read more

Comfort and joy

A rural hospital administrator finds himself short of funds and options to meet a patient's needs. "I was at a loss," he writes. Then, suddenly, the wheels began to turn. read more

Touched by a cyberangel

Deeply depressed, Morgan S. prayed over and over for God's help. Knowing she had no one to turn to, God ingeniously made a way for someone special to come to Morgan. read more

Rising from the rubble

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, they were still living in the aftermath. It would take nothing short of a miracle to get things back to normal. Or several miracles. read more

A mighty windfall

Her business was about to go under. She didn't know how she would find the money to salvage it. The countdown was almost to zero - like her prospects - when she got the shock of her 31 years. read more

A consultation with the Great Physician

Two emergency room visits in just four short days and doctors still hadn’t figured out why little Amanda had become so terribly ill. As it became painfully clear time wasn’t on her side, her mom placed Amanda in God's hands and waited. read more

A brush with death at Mother's Day Out

While brushing her teeth, she prayed for traveling mercies for herself and her son on the way to Mother's Day Out. Moments after they arrived, a runaway van was bearing straight down on them. read more

Defying Newton's 1st Law of Motion

A woman's car pops out of gear and rolls away, headed on a collision course. Try as she may to catch it, she can't. But stop it she does. read more

A giant leap of faith

With a runaway van hurtling toward him, a man must jump onto a stone wall to evade certain harm. Beyond this wall is the Niagara Falls waterway — 200 feet down. And, oh, he has bad knees. read more

Accounting for believers

A man hired to balance a company's books soon finds himself desperately searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Running short of time and answers, he prays to God to make things add up. read more

Adventures in Sunday driving

The day was picture perfect for an afternoon drive in the lush Wisconsin countryside. Coming to a four-way stop, the road was as clear as the sunny skies. That's when the commands started sounding in her head. read more

Rush hour spin-out on the Interstate

Her car hydroplaning during rush hour on a rainy Interstate, a mother-to-be decides to literally Let go and let God by taking her hands off the steering wheel. read more

The day the wind stood still

A busy woman loses the grocery money and, despite frantic efforts to locate it, the money is not to be found. Next step: breathe in faith, breathe out fear. read more

Saving grace

It's not every day someone falls forty feet and lives to tell the tale. But there's always more to the story when God figures in. read more

The power of prayer

The crowd fell silent as sixteen-year-old Bryan lay unconscious on the hockey rink. And his father fell to his knees, praying, "Please touch Bryan and keep him alive." read more

She counted on her faith – all the way to the bank

Alone after 27 years of marriage, she struggled to deal with the pain and to make ends meet. Out of nowhere, an anonymous friend gave her a lift in more ways than one. read more

40,000 feet up and on death’s bed

A Journey of Miracles: As a dying woman from Texas flew back from Germany, her condition worsened. But regulations forbade her to board her connecting flight home. An angel of the skies had other ideas. read more

A pocketful of miracles

She had only been at summer camp briefly before her spending money ran out. She stared at the soda machine and yearned for an icy cold, orange-pineapple drink. read more

The power of His very name

A woman doing door-to-door ministry receives a frightening reception from some very menacing dogs. She has mere seconds to fend off their advances. read more

God cuts the red tape

Things veered way off plan when her daughter made a routine trip to pick up her meds. She needed assistance, stat! read more

After the fall

While hiking on rugged terrain, a man stumbles and finds he's headed toward the void beyond a cliff. "I'm a goner," he thinks. But that wasn't the end of it. read more

Cat allergies had her by the tail

She adored the orange tabby kitten as much as Oscar loved her. But one thing threatened their warm and fuzzy relationship: her severe allergy to cats. read more

On a wing and a prayer

A man piloting a vintage plane over the Kentucky mountains loses his instrumentation as the weather turns bad. Flying almost blind, he sends an SOS heavenward. read more

Wings on the water

Her daddy fell over the edge of the boat into the frigid, swirling currents of the river. The last thing seven-year-old Megan heard him say was to stay put, but she jumped in after him anyway. read more

Ask God first

Little Bethany spent most of Saturday on the couch,with what seemed to be nothing more than one of those easy-come, easy-go childhood "bugs." Then suddenly her fever spiked and she became incoherent. read more

Driven to distraction -- thankfully

Having her new car conk out while traveling with her three kids was not what this mom had in mind. After what she saw mere moments later, she had a change of mind. Fast. read more

God was their co-pilot

She wasn’t an ace driver even on her best days. And then she and her child found themselves doing 360s on a rain-slicked Interstate. read more

Wrapped in Fatherly embraces

A family rides out the area’s worst hurricane in 20 years, touched by the legacy of a departed Dad and cradled in the protective hands of God. read more

Headed into the path of danger

A man and his wife, with baby on the way, went out for a stroll and came upon a busy road. Sticking to the shoulder of the road looked to be the safest way to go — until a strong feeling told him otherwise. read more

Heavenly healing--twice over

It had taken years to thaw the ice with her stepdaughter — and still she walked on eggshells. With a grandson in the hospital, did she dare bring God into the conversation? read more

God has the last word

She had carefully rehearsed what she’d say to the judge when she stood before the bench. But what played out was a different scene altogether. read more

Out of the mouths of babes

A granddad's suggestion that his grandson pray for him as he fights a cold is filled with surprises -- and a sweet lesson in faith for them both. read more

A cancer victim's very special treatment

The doctors said the cancerous tumor in her lung would have to come out asap... followed by a grueling regimen of chemotherapy, radiation and powerful medications. But wonder drugs weren't where Linda V. put her faith. read more

Driver's ed

A woman behind the wheel, traveling with her infant son, gets a course in miracles when the Almighty takes decisive control of the car. read more

Safe in the arms of God

Her speeding car was hydroplaning into traffic and she could not regain control. Looking back, it was a metaphor for her stressed-out life. read more

Faith and healing

A man receives a vision of someone with a spinal injury before attending a fellowship meeting. When he's called to help lay on hands and pray for healing, the vision appears in person. read more

Prayer changes things

After her mom's massive heart attack, doctors offered little hope. So loved ones offered prayers heavenward, and anointed her with Psalms. read more

A change of heart in the cardiac ward

In the hospital for a misfiring heart, a man and his preacher pray to God for a heavenly tune-up. Moments later, his heart monitor summons the nurse. read more

Handled with utmost care

It was such a horrific accident that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fire department and ambulances all came to their aid. Their van was a mangled, shattered heap. And the passengers? read more

A sight for sore eyes

Struck blind due to complications of an illness, Marsha’s doctors raced to stop the damage to her eyes. Through the darkness, pain and fear, she reached out to God.

read more

Ending on a high note

Ginny loved to lift her voice in song, especially hymns. Then along came the hoarseness and a frightening diagnosis. read more

The living proof

A young woman hears a devastating diagnosis about the new baby inside of her. Could such trusted technology be wrong? Her family had a definite opinion. read more

God touches a nerve

The tingling feelings came out of nowhere. They climbed up his torso to his head and along his arms. And they would not go away. read more

Just in the nick of time

He thought his "abdominal discomfort" was the return of a condition he'd dealt with for more than twenty years -- and figured that his usual dose of antibiotics would get him back in shape. This time, though, he figured wrong. read more

Praying for a miracle

Upon hearing of a young girl afflicted with a brain tumor, a man is led to pray for her healing. He petitions God daily for this child he does not know until, months later, he finds out the answer to his prayers. read more

Lifelines from heaven

Up to his neck in water, trying to keep two elderly women afloat in the putrid waters flooding New Orleans, Michael Melon cried out to the Lord, "I'm tired! I'm exhausted! I can go no further." read more

God’s medicine

Doctors didn't expect her 17-month-old niece to survive bacterial meningitis. So she prayed God would have a different professional opinion. read more

The lost boy

A grandfather and his young grandson go duck hunting one winter's day at the site of an abandoned strip-mine pit. In the thick of the action, the boy disappears. read more