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A Change of Heart in the Cardiac Ward

In 2003, I started experiencing an extended period of atrial fibrillation, which means my heart was receiving spurious electrical pulses causing it to misfire. While not life threatening in the immediate situation, untreated it would cause a higher susceptibility to stroke or other complications. In the least, it left me with some chest pain and general ill feeling.

Having been unresponsive to medications to restore normal heartbeat, my cardiologist admitted me to the hospital for intravenous medication and observation. It was the doctor's opinion that if normal heart beat was not restored by the next morning, I would need to go to surgery and have defibrillation using shock from the electric paddles.

That evening my pastor came for a visit, which he concluded by inquiring if I would mind him praying over me. I had no objections at all, being a firm believer in the power of prayer.

As the preacher continued to pray for the health of this Lord's servant and for skilled medical hands to watch over me, I had a special feeling of calm and peace, but was still mildly annoyed by the distraction of a steady beep-beep-beep that started in the room, thinking it was a warning that the nurse had let my IV run out.

As my pastor said Amen and started to leave the room, my nurse came in, I assumed to check on the alarm, when she exclaimed "That's your heart monitor. You just came back into normal sinus rhythm!"

Preacher and I chuckled about the healing power of his laying hands on me. Perhaps you could say it was just a coincidence that my medications just happened to take effect at that very moment. Think what you will, it has only made me believe all the more in the power of prayer.

Dennis P.

Atlanta, GA