[ Godsends ]

The Best Headhunter

In All Creation

I was finishing my fourth year of running a small biotech company and had delivered a new multi-million dollar sales contract to the parent company only two months before.

The phone rang that Friday afternoon and I heard my boss telling me that they were flying me over to the home office Monday night to discuss my departure from their company. The blood drained from my head. What now? How will I pay the mortgage, electricity bills, groceries, college tuition? Oh God! Where are you now? Why is this happening?

Flying back from the meeting and receiving the two months' severance pay my contract had provided, I thought of ways to make the money to last for more than just two months. I again prayed for guidance and a new job. And I devised a plan.

I immediately started networking with old buddies in the industry. Everyone said they would keep their ears open for a position for me. Some even offered to find a project to keep me going, but most of the promises soon dead-ended. I continued to pray for help.

But one of my buddies did come through on his offer and with three separate projects he asked me to complete for him, another month's money was banked.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were now here and business had come to a screeching halt. I decided to continue to pray, rest in the Lord and enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.

Over the holidays, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime -- to be a founding officer of a start-up company. The focus of the company exactly fit my background and talents and, what's more, the other officer and board members were either old friends or very likeable people.

There was a hitch to this great job, however: I had to financially hold tight until July 1st, six months almost to the day. That was impossible ... or was it?

It was then I remembered some of my Bible studies and knew that if God was delivering this opportunity to me, He would also make things work. He would lead me and I would have to totally trust him. "Okay," I heard myself saying out loud, "Lead on, God."

Three more weeks and no new projects in sight. Then one day I was to meet a friend for lunch. We always meet every month and alternate who pays the bill. It was my turn and I was running out of money! But I met him anyway and thank God I did!

After we greeted each other, the first thing out of his mouth was that he had just lost two of his three employees. He needed help finishing nine projects and the work would take approximately six months to finish -- exactly the same time period I needed a job.

He offered me the job and a salary that would allow me to "last" until July 1st. God was providing and the lunch conversation was proof of that!

Now I have started the job with him and am very grateful for the opportunity.

As for the once-in-a-lifetime position, my hopes remain high that all will be worked out. But the most important thing I am doing AGAIN is relearning how to trust God. God knows what we need, when we need it and how we need it. And boy, how I need Him!

Chuck H.

Marietta, GA