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WRitten in the Sky

I am 27 years old and have been struggling with faith since I was a child. I have been told that I have high intelligence. I never thought God really existed; I thought he was just a story.

I have also been dealing with a bad disorder. One night I reached a breaking point and thought about killing myself. I took a drive out to a cove where it was completely dark.

All I could hear were the waves breaking against the rocks, and seagulls. I sincerely prayed with much emotion for a sign that what I was worried about and had obsessed about for so many years was not going to happen and I would be fine.

I asked God to show me a shooting star. I waited and watched for over two hours. Nothing happened. I went home hopeless.

Just as I was turning the key to open the door to my house, I happened to look up. And what I saw was a bright shooting star... blazing right across the middle of the night sky. I mean, it was dead-on-center, not to be missed.

It was amazing.

I wanted to share my story that God gave me His assurance, just as I had asked. I am thankful. Much Love.

Omar N.

Oxnard, CA

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