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The Living Proof

The living proof

I had a miracle happen to me: I just had a healthy beautiful baby girl.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I went to my first appointment at the ob/gyn, where they did an ultrasound. They told me that my baby was dead.

Wanting to confirm that this was true, the doctor ordered a more powerful ultrasound. After this, I was told the same thing: that the baby was dead in my womb.

I came home crying and confused how could God let this happen. My family started to pray for me and told me to make a third appointment with another doctor. They believed that God would grant a miracle for me and my baby.

And He did. I went to another doctor, where they did an ultrasound and told me that the baby is fine and alive. I even saw her heart beat.

Several months later, I had a healthy beautiful girl. I believe that God made a miracle for me and saved my daughter.

If any one is going through a hard time, just ask Jesus in to your life and ask for His help. He will help you. If anyone needs to talk to me, or would like me to pray for you, you can email me at: olyapink@gmail.com

Olya P.

Pasadana, CA