[ Miracles ]

The Day the Wind Stood Still

When I discovered the money was missing, I was panic-stricken. There were enough beads of perspiration pouring off my forehead to string together a 24-inch necklace.

My empty hand, which I had just taken out of my pocket, trembled uncontrollably and my bladder was shouting, "You'd better get to the ladies' room, quick!"

Four hours ago, my husband had given me grocery money. I had developed a bad habit of putting money into my pocket instead of into my purse. Now I was suffering the consequences for my carelessness.

From the house to the supermarket, where I now stood, the money could have fallen out of my pocket almost anywhere. But I had to retrace my steps. Company was coming for dinner that evening and I knew that the money given to me for groceries was our last. How could I ever explain my carelessness to my husband?

In the course of retracing my steps, I returned to the post office where I had dropped off several mailbags. I had just completed a mailing for our ministry of 5,000 pieces of mail. Could it have fallen into one of the mailbags?

When the postal clerk said, "Lady, as high as this wind is, that money is long gone by now," it was nearly impossible to choke back the tears. "The wind really is high," I thought to myself as I discontinued my search at the post office in despair.

My next step was to return to my office where I had spent some time working that morning. As I continued tracing my steps throughout the building, one of my co-workers joined the search. The extra eyes didn't help. The money was nowhere to be found.

"Please stop and pray with me," I said to the other half of my search party. "I'm in big trouble if I don't find this money." We prayed and I left for my next destination.

When I got in my car I couldn't hold back the tears any longer. They broke forth as a floodgate being opened. In between the sobs, I heard myself crying out to the Lord, "Father, I'm so scared. How will I ever explain this to my husband? Forgive me for my carelessness. I have learned an expensive lesson from this experience. If you get me out of this jam, I promise to be more careful. Wherever the money is, please surround it with angels."

Almost immediately I sensed the peace of God enter into my heart and heard Him instruct me to go home.

As I drove down the street and began to turn into my driveway, I could see it. There it was on my neighbor's lawn. The grocery money! Again I heard the voice of my Father, now saying, "Look around," which I did.

And this I what I saw: The mailman had just delivered mail to my next-door neighbor's home, and he didn't see the money on the lawn. Children were playing nearby, and they didn't see it. Dogs were barking and roaming the street, and they hadn't noticed the money. And, yes, the wind was high and yet in four hours it hadn't blown the money away.

Do I believe in repentance? You bet I do. I don't believe that my money would have been returned to me had I not repented for my carelessness. Do I believe in the power of prayer? You bet I do. Did I learn a lesson? You bet I did. Do I believe I miracles? Absolutely.

Minister Mary E.

Detroit, MI