[ Divine Signs ]

Special Delivery

I have been trying to get deeper into my spiritual self. I started going to church faithfully and tithing on a regular basis. About two months ago, I asked God for a sign that all will be okay. I asked him to show me a blue-jay bird.

Well, as time went on, I continued going to church, but the sign I'd prayed for had not appeared.

Recently, I have been praying for deeper spiritual knowledge and understanding. One day I was sitting in my car in front of my office building, taking a nap before I had to go in. I awakened to a noise, a scratching of some sort. I opened my eyes, and there on my right rearview mirror sat a blue-jay. Then it flew away.

I started to tear up, because in my heart, I felt my prayer of two months before had been answered. I've never seen something like this happen before or since. And the bird did not use the restroom on my car!

I thank the Lord Jesus, for He is good and reveals Himself to those who ask.

Natasha I.