[ Godsends ]

The Simple Life

After a restful sleep, I awoke ready to face the day until I heard an unfamiliar gurgling coming from my bathroom.

"Oh, my, what now?" I asked Lord Jesus. As a widow of three decades any unusual sound can lead to costly repair bills. This was not in the plan or the budget.

I followed the noise into the bathroom. Lifting the commode tank lid, I found the culprit! The flap at the base of the tank was open and water was running through it. I stood there, watching liquid money run down the pipes! Last quarter's water bill was several hundred dollars, so conservation has been our household rule since then.

I tried to push the flap down, but up it slid like a jack-in-the box. All that was missing was the carnival music. I pushed it down again, but up it sprang.

"It's times like these that I wish we had a man in the house," I muttered. "Lord, what should I do?"

Then my eyes settled on the water valve.

"Of course! Thank You, Lord!" I cried, as I shut down the water input valve to the toilet. "You keep teaching me that I can depend on You, my heavenly husband, just like Isaiah 54:5 promises."

Though the immediate problem was solved, my options did not seem promising. As an independent woman, I sometimes find it difficult to lean on my heavenly husband. But it's times like these that I learn to appreciate Him.

So I started praising our Lord while making preparations to begin my day. Once ready, I thought it wouldn't hurt to wipe away some of the residue I noticed at the bottom of the tank. Imagine my surprise when my brush unkinked the flap chain, straightening it out so the flap could settle back where it belonged.

"Could it be, Lord?" I asked tentatively, while reaching down to reopen the water valve. As the cool clear water started to rush into the tank, so did my gratitude and relief to our Lord who fulfills His promises.

Since I've not had the luxury of passing on "Honey Do" lists for many years, I still rejoice that my loving Father is always with me, and has an answer to all life's unexpected gurgles - if I can stay calm enough to hear His gentle whispers.

Dee E.

Camden, DE