[ Miracles ]

God's Medicine

As a receptionist in the Federal building in Dallas, Texas, I often wondered what I'd do if I had an emergency call about someone in my family. One morning in January of 1977, while at the phones at my job, I got that call.

My 17-month old niece had been rushed to Parkland Hospital and diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. My mom said to hurry to the hospital because the doctors didn't expect her to live past noon!

A new Christian of about seven months, I prayed frantically. I also asked my priest to come baptize her and pray for her, which he did.

Even though doctors gave us no hope, my niece improved! Over the next 30 days, she got better and better. The doctors said her amazing recovery was not their doing and her story made headlines in medical journals.

My niece carries some terrible scars from hemorrhaging under the skin, but is otherwise whole. She is so special. We all thank God for her.

Judith K.

Mobile, AL