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Breath of Heaven

It was Christmas time, 2006, when one day I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I thought it might be a slight case of the flu that would soon go away. But as the day went by, I progressively got worse.

I was able to sleep a little that night and I felt somewhat better the next morning. Since I had a guest visiting, I pulled myself together to show him around the city.

It was when we were at a local shopping center that my vision turned blue, and I felt I was going to faint. I was driven to a walk-in clinic near my home, but I didn't have enough money to pay for the visit.

My mom had arrived by then and she decided we should go to the emergency room at the hospital. There they ran a urine test and discovered my urine was blood red. They admitted me and started treating me with IV antibiotics and other medications, but soon it became obvious that my kidneys were so compromised that I hadn't eliminated any of the IV liquid — instead, my lungs had absorbed it all.

I was rushed to the critical care unit. With my lungs full of fluid, I felt like I was going to suffocate from lack of air.

The next morning, the doctors would attempt to extract the fluid from my lungs with needles, but there was a 30% chance of lung collapse from the procedure.

I thought I was going to die that night. As best as I could, I told my mom I couldn't go on. Since I was the single mother of a beautiful six-year-old girl, I told her to take care of my daughter and I thanked her for everything she had done for me. She cried to the Lord and asked for prayers from others.

As I lay in bed, terrified and gasping for breath, I prayed to Jesus Christ: Lord, please help me, don't let me die, I have a daughter who only has me as a parent. I asked for healing and put my hands in front of my body because I couldn't touch my lungs. And like the Lord did to others many times in the Bible, He placed me in a deep sleep — so deep that I can't explain.

The next day when I awoke, I noticed right away that I was breathing better. When they ran a pre-op scan and x-rays, they found no sign of liquid in my lungs!

One day later, I was moved out of critical care unit and the day after that I was released from the hospital.

Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. I'm faithful to your promises. Jeremiah 29:11

Zue H.

Miami, FL