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From Sis, with Love

From sis, with love

My sister and I were very close. She died recently from an accidental prescription overdose.

She was always a believer in Christ, but in the last two years of her life she grew much stronger in her faith.

I miss her so much that I often feel like I can't breathe. But the Lord has given me great comfort. I have not had any nightmares, only peaceful dreams.

In one dream, I walked into my bedroom and both sisters were sitting on the bed, laughing. I asked, "What is so funny?" My recently departed sister told me that she really was not dead—meaning, she was eternally alive with Christ. I held her face and said, "I can't remember your eyes, let me see your eyes." Then I asked her what she wanted to do—meaning stay with us here on earth, or be with Christ?

She replied, "All I want to do is have everyone know Jesus!"

I know where she is and I will be with her one day. Even as I ache with grief, I am thrilled that she is with our Creator. God bless you all, hang tight to your loved ones until we can all be together in our new home. Christ lives.

Laura M.

Greeley, CO