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Adventures in Sunday Driving

It was the middle of a lazy summer afternoon and I was taking a Sunday drive in the country with my husband. We were passing through a very sleepy rural area miles out in the "middle of nowhere" with no cars in sight when we came to a four-way stop.

Why I didn't step on the gas immediately after I'd made my stop, I cannot say. It made no sense even to me. I just heard inside my head very loudly and very strongly, several times in a row: "STAY STOPPED! DON'T GO! STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! DON'T MOVE, NO MATTER WHAT!"

After a few moments, my husband gave me an odd look and said, "What's the matter? Why aren't we going?"

I told him I didn't know why. I just knew deep inside that we had to stay put.

He asked jokingly, "Yeah, okay, so just how long are we supposed to sit here in the middle of nowhere at this stop sign and what do you think is going to happen way out here?"

I realized it seemed peculiar and I had no explanation to offer other than that an internal command had instructed me not to go. I told him I was just going to sit there anyway -- for however long it took until I knew it was safe to go again.

He gave a little snicker and I admitted it seemed odd, but I didn't particularly care. I only knew I was not to step on that gas pedal, period. So we stayed put.

Then very suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a car raced in front of us travelling at least 90 miles an hour. The driver never slowed down, even a bit, for the stop sign. In a blur, the car sped right past us through the intersection. The sheer surprise and speed of what had happened was stunning.

I turned to my husband, who looked very amazed, and just said, "That's why we're stopped." A horrid accident had been prevented and our lives had been spared. And to think that mere seconds before, I was thinking how odd it seemed to just be "sitting there."

I thank God He was so "loud" and stern with His inner command to me to "STAY PUT!" And I was very thankful that I was listening and heeded His instruction.

Suzi F.

Madison, WI