[ Miracles ]

God Calls Off the Search

I have a story that revealed to me how great God's power and love for us is.

When I was 2 years old, my mother and father—who were unmarried—gave birth to another little girl. My father pressured my mother into giving my sister away for adoption. He was no longer interested in the relationship, and didn't want another child to be burdened by the situation.

Being young, my mother agreed. They chose a good family, and my sister was given away. Throughout the years, this decision haunted my mother through feelings of guilt, shame, hurt and worry, which showed through addiction.

I often wondered what it would be like to have a sister, and often felt sad, as I was the only girl. Years passed, and when I graduated college in 2006, I vowed to take time to look for her. I had my fears—what if she didn't want to be found? What if she was dead?

In spite of these fears, I prayed and searched. I told my father that I was looking, because should I have found her it was something that would affect us all. He supported my search and even assisted. I searched for her using adoption boards, agencies, search records, etc.

But all of my efforts were fruitless. I'd still look here and there on social networks; however, nothing ever surfaced. I knew it would mean everything to my mother if she found her, but I just had to let it go. So eventually, I simply prayed to God that if it was meant to be, it will be—and if not, for God to help us all be okay with that.

One day afterward, on October 25th, 2011, I was at the office. Actually, I wasn't supposed to be there that day because I had a conference to attend, but had stayed behind because I was having car trouble and needed to take my car in to be looked at. So my mother drove me to work that day.

There was one other colleague who’d remained at the office besides myself, who forwarded me a phone call. She said that the person kept calling, so she figured it must've been important enough to pass along. There was a female voice on the line asking if I was who I was, and asking my mother's name. My immediate reaction was that something had happened to my mother, so I provided the caller with confirmation.

What came out of her mouth next sent me into a shock. She said "This is ****..." I immediately KNEW. I KNEW God was finally answering our prayers. She had been looking for us as well. She had been given a box with letters from my mother, with pictures of my mother and me, and one of them had our names on it. She searched for me on a social networking site, then found out where I worked and contacted me.

My mother was set to pick me up from work, so when she did I was able to let them speak to each other. My sister is sweet, she is healthy, doing well, and most of all she is a believer and LOVES God.

God blew me away with this, and strengthened our faith. As I look back, He had set up that car trouble for something greater (as angry as I had been about it at the time). My searching up until then had turned up empty because God was telling me it wasn't time.

Almost a year later, our relationship with my sister is growing stronger. She and my father are even close, and I feel he is in a much better place now. We even met her parents, and they were very welcoming to my mother and me. It is like we added additional family members.

God really showed His favor and love through this. It is almost as if He said "Give it to me, and watch me work."

Kenya W.

Wichita, KS