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Godsend stories  
Are life’s out-of-the-blue windfalls and breakthroughs the result of serendipity, smarts
or good luck?
Or because Someone is looking out for us? These folks say the latter.

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The real paymaster
Taking time off to grieve the loss of her father wasn't supposed to include a dock in pay. Now there was more to mourn for this single mom of five. Or so she thought. 
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered
A man is called to attend Bible college without having the money for any expenses. Trusting God’s call and provision, he heads there anyway.  read more

Excuse me

“It had been an emotional few months since my sister-in-law had died,” writes this contributor. “I needed to hear from God, but He seemed to be missing.” And then she
felt a tap on her shoulder.
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Loaves and fishes, circa 2011
Jobless and her pantry almost empty, a woman makes a discovery that feeds her soul as well as her body.  read more

Direct dial to heaven
In her haste to phone a relative about her son’s injury, she dialed the wrong number. But she made the right connection. read more

God shows a nervous mom who's in charge
It was her coed daughter's first plane trip alone. Mom worried, prayed, gave advice. The day came, and with it a phone call.  read more

Perfect timing
Getting separated from her tour group in a foreign city was not on her itinerary. Neither was an encounter with a tall, handsome stranger. But it was all divinely scripted.
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A hands-on response from God
An angry husband confronting God over the loss of the couple's unborn child finds unexpected guidance in the pages of a long-forgotten Gideon Bible. Equally unexpected is the divine encounter that follows. read more

Trusting God, heart and sole
On an ordinary workday, a woman is prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray to be blessed. She soon receives a very fitting response from God. read more

High finance
Running on faith and a shoestring, Crossroads Community Ministries' finances were stretched to the limit. Where would they find the money they needed to keep assisting the many counting on them? read more

Pass it on
Her lifelong dream to be a doctor suddenly in tatters, a distraught young woman desperately prayed for guidance. She got it — and how it all happened is one for the history books. read more

Samaritans in the aftermath
Returning home after Hurricane Katrina and finding they'd lost everything, a family in need is given a helping hand and a very precious gift from some caring strangers. read more

Visited by Joy
Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. And sometimes we’re so distracted, we can’t even see the trees. Here’s how God got the attention of someone consumed by chopping away at her To Do List. read more

Tickled pink...and purple
A girl discovers that her one cherished toy has disappeared with a playmate. And with times already tough for her family, a new one was not an option.
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A match made in heaven
Newly unemployed, did Sherri dare change careers after twelve years in banking? And could God find her the ideal job before the money ran out? read more

Elton John to the rescue
A woman's TV project to help homeless moms and kids starts out smoothly but then runs off the rails. Just when all seemed down and out, a very famous person sounded off on the matter. read more

Family ties
Children can suffer untold physical and emotional damage when a parent is a substance abuser or worse. A survivor tells how a “random” assignment of a social worker to her case turned into her Godsend. read more

Not Just Bi-Polar: A True Story of Hope
The must-read story of a woman's courageous odyssey as she confronts a debilitating family legacy. In three parts. read more

Love in any language
Her summer plans were to: 1) Go to France with a girlfriend, and 2) Work on her suntan. Somehow she ended up in China
on a very different mission. read more

God send word -- with a smile
A woman praying to rest in God's guidance while house hunting soon finds her mind on overwhelm. Until, that is, God bends her ear. read more

The best headhunter in all creation
Suddenly his job in a highly specialized field was history
but the mouths to feed and bills to pay were still very much present. It was time to network like never before. So he dialed his hotline to heaven. read more

A big hint from God
God had clearly called her out of teaching, but months later, a woman had yet to learn her next step. Weary of living in limbo, she decided to return to her old job. Find out what God had to say about that. read more

A Godsend from down unde
She was a heaven-sent companion for an older couple
and a loyal, courageous cat who was a good and faithful servant to the end.  read more

God and rocket science
Who was this wanderer and why had they crossed paths not once, but twice? An aerospace engineer ponders the divinity of the encounters. read more

All the right moves
Transitioning her aging mother from home to assisted living seemed all but impossible, both emotionally and logistically. So she prayed. A lot. read more

The simple life
It was a wake-up call no single homeowner cares to hear
and it was coming from the bathroom. So she asked the Lord what to do. Simple. Problem solved. read more

Message in a bottle
When grappling with searing, chronic physical pain, our faith can suffer equal distress. One lady tells how God led her through such a crucible. read more

A hunger, filled
After praying for others, a woman turns to God for help with losing weight. The answer she receives is anything but conventional weight-loss advice. read more

Man asks for directions! God delivers.
Never mind the old adage, “You can’t get there from here.” Facing a professional crossroads, a man asks God to show him – and his young family – the way. read more

Higher Education
A woman recalls how the hand of God was at work when, as a college coed, family finances set in motion a chain of events that shaped her destiny. read more

Keeping the faith
Trying to hold things together after his wife leaves, God brings healing to a church music director through an unorthodox opportunity to tend someone else's emotional wounds. read more

Journal of hope
In the hospital chapel to pray for her very ill mother, Joy S. sought comfort and answers from God. She found them both in the handwritten musings of a total stranger.    read more

The turnaround
His was the classic scenario of “Marry in haste, repent in leisure.” With everything falling apart around him, he turned the “repent” part over to God. read more

Mozart and the message from dad
When her plans for the future don’t play out as envisioned, a disappointed woman hears a message of hope from her deceased father – by way of a musical genius.  read more

A child of the king
Ginny S. has known from a tender age the pain of abandonment, rejection and loss. But the day came, she writes, that "out of the ashes of my life, God made something beautiful." read more

The ultimate job-search strategy
In between jobs, Donna S. decided her next one would meet every criteria she set
or no go. What's more, she decided she'd wait on God to bring her this perfect job. Was her hands-off approach pure faith or folly? read more

More than an emotion
He was hoping that he and his wife would hear something from the adoption agency. He certainly wasn't expecting to hear from God.
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Flirting with disaster
Is the old saying, "thoughts have wings," true? And what if those thoughts are selfish? One woman tells her story of unintended consequences. read more

From overwhelmed to overjoyed
Two weeks at home, confined to bed after surgery? How would this single woman manage? First, she panicked. Then she prayed.  read more

Grandmother's parting gift
As her grandmother lays dying, a woman learns a lifelong lesson about the power of prayer on others -- especially when it's "a selfish prayer." read more

Divine marching orders
“The Lord spoke to me as clearly as if He was standing at my side. …I nearly fainted!” Read what happened when God led a woman to reach out to a friend who seemingly had it all
including an addiction to alcohol. read more

Facing bulimia - with faith
Although she was The 2004 Mrs. Georgia, she was consumed by doubts and fears that drove her to an "eating-disordered" life. For years she struggled, until one day God showed her a better path.
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Legacy of a tragic death
In the wake of the murder of a beloved minister, a college student grieved and prayed to God: “What can I do to keep this from happening to anyone else?” Find out if she was up to the answer.  read more

God called, they dialed
Best friends drift apart as their spiritual lives do the same. And then one day, a heartfelt prayer turns into a mind-blowing reconnection.  read more

In the grip of depression
A minor event triggers a man’s bout with this debilitating disease. When he manages to uphold a weekly commitment at his church, the outcome is anything but routine.
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Through a child's eyes
While on a church-sponsored relief trip to Honduras, a woman gains a whole new perspective once she's on the inside looking out.
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Truffles from heaven
She calls them "truffles from heaven" -- those memorable moments when we're touched by the hand of God. And she even ties in the wisdom of Forrest Gump to help us better appreciate these choice gifts of grace. Food for thought from Texas author and speaker, Kali Schnieders.
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The Great Physician
She knows all too well the face of cancer and the struggles to battle it back. But she doesn't go it alone.
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