Divine Signs

Weight-loss advice from God

When my sister, Lynn, and I went to the beach last weekend, she prayed on the way down that God would help her not be tempted to overeat, because she has been on a diet.

We went to a deli and she got a plate with chicken and vegetables. However, they put a cornbread muffin on her plate, too.

As she took a bite, she thought, “I really should not be eating this cornbread.”

Just then, I said, “Oh, I love the song in the background. Who is singing it?”

She said, “The woman eating this cornbread.”

“What?” I asked, startled.

She said, “Listen to the words.”


Lynn took the cornbread and put it on my plate and did not finish it. God comes through once again.

Jo N.
Mobile, AL

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