Do you agree
with Albert Einstein that "Coincidence
is God's way of staying anonymous?" 

Then welcome to Touched by
the Hand of God, an ecumenical web site that features firsthand stories of miracles, Godsends and divine signs.

The stories featured on this page are just a sampling of what people have shared here since 2004.  Many more can be found by clicking the links in the blue toolbar above. You can also find stories by keyword search.

The divinely timed handprints of God are all around us!

Throughout this site, you'll find
moving, frontline reports of just a few of the infinite and wondrous handprints of God on us.

Sometimes they are writ large, while others are stunning in their quiet synchronicity. All defy

expectation and explanation. Each
offers hope, peace and joy.


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They're where holy mysteries meet
Hollywood endings.
Sudden and breath-taking, these divine rescues pull us back from the brink and into a place of grace.

Are life’s out-of-the- blue windfalls and breakthroughs the result of smarts,  serendipity or good luck? Or is Someone is looking out for us? These stories say the latter.
Divine Signs
On most days, faith, hope and chocolate
can carry us through.
But some times we need nothing less than a divine sign to bring us peace. Read how God delivers.


The chosen
Stranded two weeks into an airport strike, she was desperate to get home from South Africa
as were thousands of others. So she did all she could: she prayed.  read more
  Trusting God, heart and sole
On an ordinary workday, a woman is prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray to be blessed. She soon receives a very fitting response from God. 
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  Joy in the mourning
Worried her father had not made peace with God before his death, a woman is handed the definitive answer in a most astonishing way. 
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Two of a kind
His adoptive mother, needing a kidney transplant, was desperate for a donor. Though born in El Salvador, he wasn’t fazed by the odds against a match.  read more
  Loaves and fishes, c. 2011
Jobless and her pantry almost empty,
a woman makes a discovery that feeds
her soul as well as her body
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  Written in the sky
Despondent to the point of suicide, a man without faith turns to God for a sign that He
is there and cares.  

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The multiplier effect of faith
Down to their last five dollars, a wife heeds God's call to place this money in their church offering plate. Her faith is rewarded beyond her dreams, and strengthened beyond measure. read more
  Pass it on
Her lifelong dream to be a doctor suddenly
in tatters, a distraught young woman desperately prays for guidance. She gets it — and how it all happens is one for the history books. 
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  God sends a shout-out
A woman makes a donation to a World Vision project in remote India. Months later, she finds that God has blessed her right back
and with an unmistakable wink. 
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The red sweater
Her son had his heart set on wearing his favorite red sweater to school for picture day. But the sweater had gone missing and little Harley could not be consoled. 
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  Excuse me
It had been an emotional few months since her sister-in-law had died. She needed to hear from God, but He seemed to be missing. Then came the tap on her shoulder. 
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  Against all odds
Despite his fragile state of mind, a man makes good on a promise to oar the supply boat for a kayak trip down the Colorado River. Hitting emotional bottom midway, he begs God for "a sign that you are even out there."  read more
Roadside attraction
It could've been the set-up for a TV crime show: woman driving cross-state with a small child has car trouble on a deserted stretch of highway. Would the man who pulled over be friend or foe? 
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  Visited by joy
Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Other times we’re so distracted, we   can’t even see the trees. Here’s how God got the attention of someone consumed by her To Do List.  read more 

  Pansies from heaven
A teen feels the pressures of dating far more than her parents know. When a boy she's been seeing calls things off, what seems to be a ripple in the course of growing up sends the family reeling.  read more

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